Re-opening of Services 2020


With pre-schools, crèches and childminders reopening from 29 June the Department of Children & Youth Affairs has launched the video below on what we all need to know.

For more information and resources for families on transitions to school and pre-school, go to:

You Tube video for Parents, Early Years Educators and Childminders to show children


Re-opening of Early Years Service Providers on June 29th 2020

The First 5 Website has a dedicated section on re-opening of services with guidelines and all documents and updates. 



15th June 2020

Funding Package available to support ELC & SAC Services to re-open on June 29th 2020.

The attached FAQs are intended to provide clarity on how this funding package will work. These FAQs aim to be informative but may be added to and/or amended as more information becomes available. The Department will also be keeping track of any queries we receive and clarify any areas of uncertainty in an updated FAQ if necessary.





4th June 2020


Press release  from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs regarding the fifth meeting of the Advisory Group

Report for Government on ’Planning for reopening Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare Services ’ that issued to ELC & SAC providers today for your information.


26th May 2020

Temporary Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme – Verification Checks

Please refer to attached  DCYA letter and  verification requirements on the Temporary Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme.



8th May 2020


Temporary Childcare Scheme for Essential Health Workers

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone, has announced new, emergency measures to support essential health workers who are having difficulty meeting their childcare needs. This forms part of Phase 1 of the Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business.

The press release associated with the emergency measures can be read here.

Existing, registered childcare services have been asked to consider signing up for the service and opening as an outreach hub. Service Providers are asked to support essential healthcare workers by offering childcare in the family homes of essential health workers.

Pobal, will assist DCYA with the administration of the new initiative and we are now inviting interested service providers to submit applications to participate in the Temporary Childcare Scheme for Essential Health Workers. Firstly, we ask that you read the below and attached information to gain a full understanding of the details associated with the Scheme.


All existing registered childcare services are invited to participate in the provision of childcare in the homes of essential healthcare workers from Monday, 18th May 2020.

The volunteer application form is available on PIP. Once completed all applications must be submitted by email to Pobal.

Information will be made available in the coming days for parents who may be eligible for this temporary scheme.  Parents will register through a separately managed process.

30 City and County Childcare Committees around the country will assist Pobal and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs in administering the service. Where possible, this process will match local service providers with essential health workers and the subsequent provision of services will commence.

All services that participate in this initiative will be supported to follow HSE guidance related to COVID-19. Information packs containing essential information and supports are available here.

Key Criteria

Initially, Pobal will engage with larger full-day services, but all services are asked to consider volunteering and to prepare to activate if requested.

Please liaise with your staff as soon as possible and assess their availability to provide direct childcare support to children of an essential health worker in the family’s home.

Only services currently registered with Tusla will be allowed participate.

All staff taking part are required to be re-vetted for the outreach service. Please see the guidance documents for more information on this.

Please read the supporting information and resources attached with this notice in detail. This information should guide providers through the subsequent stages of the process.

If you and your staff are available to assist, please submit the Temporary Childcare Scheme for Essential Health Workers Volunteer Application Form available as soon as possible. Please see the Volunteer Application How-to Guide for assistance on completing and returning the application form.

Pobal and local CCC’s will engage with services individually once applications are received and processed.

Further information can be found in the FAQs here and queries can be redirected to



7th May 2020

Version 5 -  ‘Information and Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 Measures for providers and staff of Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare Services’Please note this is version 5 and replaces previous versions.

Temporary Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme: A How-To Guide. This document is a guide which sets out information on the practicalities of operating the DCYA Temporary Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme (TWSCS). It aims to be informative and useful for providers processing payments for the period of the scheme.

 Information relating to the new Temporary Childcare Scheme for Essential Health Workers (TCSEHW) will issue from DCYA to ELC & SAC providers later today.


28th April 2020

Updated Documents released by DCYA today

Information and Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 Measures for providers and staff of Early Learning and Care and School Age Childcare Services. Please note this is version 4 and replaces previous versions. 

 It contains information on the DCYA operated Temporary COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme (TWSCS) which is now available for sign-up.

Also, please find attached a second document the Temporary Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme: A How-To Guide. This document is a guide which sets out information on the practicalities of operating the DCYA Temporary Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme (TWSCS) . It aims to be informative and useful for providers processing payments for the period of the scheme.


15th April 2020

Letter from Minister Zappone re Covid-19 Measures 

Letter from Minister Zappone re. Funding Agreement & updated FAQs to ELC & SAC providers 15/04/2020

Please find the Funding Agreement for the new Wage Subsidy Childcare Scheme. Payments will be received on Friday 24 April for anyone who has signed up by Tuesday 21st April, close of business. As you are already aware, payments can be backdated to April 6.

Please also find some Frequently Asked Questions. These have been compiled to answer questions posed by the sector in recent weeks. We will update them regularly. You may be aware that the Minister for Finance announced some changes to the Revenue’s Wage Subsidy Scheme today, effective from May 4. We will update the FAQs to reflect these over the coming days.

 Thank you for your patience as this new Scheme was finalised with other Government Departments and Agencies.

 My thoughts remain with you in this very difficult time.

 Katherine Zappone

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs






31st March 2020

The following documents were issued by the DCYA to all Service Providers this morning

DCYA Letter to Providers re Covid 19 Measures 30032020

Covid Wages Scheme Childcare FAQs 30 March 2020



Contacting South Dublin CCC

We are now adhering to Government guidance and our team are all working remotely. If you need to contact us:-

1. You can email us and one of the team will call you back, please remember to leave your contact details.


2. Ring our Landline 01 457 0122 as normal and select below option and your call will be redirected to our mobiles

Option 1 Tallaght Area
Option 2 Lucan, Newcastle, Saggart & Rathcoole
Option 3 Dublin 20, 22, Citywest & Firhouse
Option 4 Dublin 6W, 12, 14 & 16
Option 5 Accounts
Option 6 General/Anything Else


25th March 2020

The DCYA have issued a press release to all Service Providers re: COVID-19


24th March 2020

Tusla have issued a follow up letter to services in regards to registration 

Covid 19 Follow Up Letter to Providers


18th March 2020

Following the government announcement of the closure of schools, colleges and childcare facilities most South Dublin County Childcare Committee staff will be working remotely. There will be staff available to answer calls and emails. The best way to contact us is by emailing and we will reply as soon as we can. 
You can also call 01 457 0122 and select the area which you are in and the Development Officer from that area will be happy to take your call. 
Further information will follow by email, with an update on planned training events etc., we will follow all guidelines issued by the Government.

Below are links to some documents and websites which you may find helpful:

DCYA - Frequently Asked Questions Re Covid-19

Questions from the March Emergency Early Years Forum and DCYA

Important Letter to Providers from DCYA 12 March 2020

11th March 2020

DCYA have issued an updated an update to their last guidance on 9th March (link below)

DCYA Guidance to Preschools on Covid-19 Updated 11th March 2020



9th March 2020

Posters are available to download and print for your service  Covid 19 Primary English Child Poster  and (As gaeilge)  Covid 19 Primary Irish Child Poster



6th March 2020

The Department has received a number of queries about policy on covid-19 and services closures. They are keeping their policy under review

• If a service is directed to close by the HSE, DCYA will approve closure on force majeure grounds, so that subvention will continue to be paid under all DCYA programmes, ECCE, NCS and the legacy schemes. The service will not be required to make up days for those closed due to approved force majeure.

• If a service choose to close, without being directed to by the HSE, any application for force majeure will be considered on a case by case basis, in accordance with current practice. This policy is being kept under review and we will be guided by the HSE in the case of services which close due to concerns about Covid 19.

• If a parent chooses to keep a child at home due to illness or fear of illness the usual rules apply. Children can be absent for up to 4 weeks without a loss of funding for the service. If a child or their parent is ill, they can apply to their CCC for approval for an additional 8 weeks of subvention while the child is absent. If a child is absent for more than 4 weeks, without any illness, the CCCs will consider requests for continued funding on a case by case basis. If the absence is due to a parent keeping their child at home due to fear of illness, the CCCs will take this into consideration when considering the request.

  Letter from Dr. Tony Holohan  gives sensible, practical advice.

We understand that parents may be wary of sending their children to pre-schools, although the current advice from the HSE is that there is no reason for children to be absent due to fears of covid-19. We are keeping the current policy under review, and will liaise with the HSE on how CCCs should deal with requests by parents that their child be permitted to be remain absent from a service without losing their place, and will provide the CCCs with additional guidance within the next two weeks.

This is a worrying time for everyone but please be assured that the priority of this Department is the well-being of children and those providing services to them.


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