Funding Schemes

There are a number of Funded Schemes provided by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs for Early Years Childcare.  Please see the list of schemes available in menu box on the right of this page. 

 Latest from Pobal on September Programme Readiness (August 2018)

September Readiness 2018/19 - All Programmes 

Below is the key information you will need in relation to deadline dates for registrations and  payments for the coming weeks.

For detailed Programme Information please click on the links below

Programme (and links) Programme Call and Start Date Final Contracting Date Date Programme opens for registrations
  ECCE 27th August 22nd August 20th August
  CCSP 20th August 20th August 20th August
  CCS 20th August 20th August 17th September - 12th October          (Snapshot Window)
  TEC 27th August 24th August 27th August

Before registrations can commence:

  • Services must be in Contract
  • Service calendars and fees lists must be submitted
  • In addition, in order for Pobal to process payments, services need to have a valid TCAN

  Payments  will be made to the existing bank account associated with the service on PIP- for any changes please notify the Early Years & Young Peoples Directorate via 

However, if services wish to be included in the first preliminary payments, contracting must be completed earlier, as per table below.  Further preliminary payments will follow in the coming weeks. 

Programme 1st Preliminary Payment Earlier contract date (in orderto be included in 1st Preliminary Payment) Subsequent  Preliminary payment date:
 ECCE 24th August 17th August 31st August
 CCSP 17th August 14th August None
CCS 17th August 14th August 12th Oct
TEC 24th August 21st August None


If you have any queries please contact us on 01 4570122.

News on ECCE Payment Schedule for 2018/19

As part of on-going work to reduce administration and improve efficiency within the government’s childcare subvention schemes, changes have been made to the  Payment Schedule for ECCE for the forthcoming programme year, commencing on 27th August 2018.

The key change to the  payment schedule for the coming year is that payments are going to be made on a more frequent basis.

There will be ten payments spread across the programme year (increased from 8 last year). The exact payment dates and payment periods covered are contained in the  Payment Schedule.

Service Providers will now receive a minimum of 4 weeks’ payment in every batch payment run, taking non-payable weeks into account. Non-payment weeks are highlighted in the schedule.

The increased frequency and regularisation of payments will assist childcare providers to forecast and manage their services’ finances throughout the programme year.  

As announced in Budget 2018, a 7% increase of capitation across the ECCE programme will commence this year, with Standard rate capitation rising to €69 and Higher rate Capitation rising to €80.25.

Childcare services are reminded that Higher Capitation applications are now processed by Pobal and that Higher Capitation payments will commence by Payment No. 3, subject to receipt and approval for the 2018/19 programme year.

DCYA Programme Rules

Please see below link for the Latest up to date guide to DCYA Programme Rules (August 2018)




Rules for DCYA Funding Programmes 2018 2019

The Early Years Unit has completed the ‘Rules for DCYA Childcare Funding Programmes’ 2018/2019 document in consultation with stakeholders. This reviewed document will be published on the DCYA website today. This document pertains to the 2018/2019 programme year. The layout of this document has been revised with the first chapter now reflecting the fundamental rules common to all childcare programmes.  Subsequent chapters outline the rules for each individual childcare programme.

Some important points to note:

Relevant to all programmes

 The importance of attendance records rule has been further emphasised and reiterated in each chapter.

  • The implications of inadequate attendance records are stated clearly stated

 Relevant to ECCE

 The change to ECCE entry points to a single entry point in September as per Budget 2018 is reflected in the document.

  • The administration of Higher Cap has been transferred to Pobal and is reflected in the document.
  • The increase in ECCE funding as per Budget 2018, and how it should be managed, is reflected in the document.
  • Any changes to ECCE hours, e.g. from mornings to afternoons, must be agreed by parents.
  • At the point of programme registration, a service provider may prioritise registrations for those availing of a five day week of ECCE over those registering for fewer days. A service provider may not displace a child availing of a shorter week in favour of a child applying for five days of ECCE after their ECCE registration is complete.  

 Relevant to CCS/CCSP

The API Key has been introduced for DEASP validation for these childcare schemes, which is a direct electronic link into the DEASP systems utilising the parent and child’s PPSN.  This means there will no longer be a requirement to attach eligibility documentation for an initial CCSP registration .

 There are no further changes to the rules in except to the order in which the rules appear.

 To find further information and breakdown of the individual schemes please select the scheme from the box on the right hand side of this page.