Covid-19 Updates, Travel, Vaccinations and more……..

Please visit HPSC website to review and update yourselves on the updated HPSC documents:  Childcare Guidance – Health Protection Surveillance Centre (
Please note there are 4 updated documents:

See below

The Guidance Documents have all been updated on the HPSC website.

HPSC Website: Guidance Documents Recently Updated

Infection Prevention & Control Guidance for ELC/SAC Services (updated 31/08/21

Isolation Quick Guide for Adults/Children from their 13th Birthday (updated 14/09/21)

“Under Review” – Isolation Quick Guide for children greater than 3 months to 13 yrs (9/09/21)

Covid Assessment & Testing Pathway for Children 3 to 13yrs (15/09/21)

Travel Advice – Covid-19

The latest travel advice is available here on the Government Website:

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