Start up, Supports & Grants

If you are an existing Childminder or someone who is considering becoming a Childminder then South Dublin County Childcare Committee can provide support and information. 

There have been a number of support resources developed by the DCEDIY through the National Childminding Team (using material that has been adapted from resources previously developed and published by the City/County Childcare Committees and Tusla). The resources contain the most up to date information relevant to the childminding sector (Sept. 2020).

Childminders Support Pack

We have an extensive Childminders Support Pack ready to email to you. To receive one please contact us on or 353 1 457 0122. The pack includes:
  • Guidelines on Planning a Childminding Business in your home
  • Childminding: Sample Record Keeping Forms
  • Childminding: Sample Policies & Procedures
  • Getting Started
  • Declaration Form & Self Evaluation Form
  • Organisational and Record Keeping Tips for Childminders
  • Barnardos Guidance for Childminders – Providing for Play
  • Barnardos Guidance for Childminders – Understanding Children’s Behaviour
  • Barnardos Guidance for Childminders – Stories and Storytelling
  • Plus loads of sample forms for your day-to-day requirements

Childminding Ireland is the National Childminding Body in Ireland.

Visit their website for further details.

DCEDIY National Childminding Initiative

The National Childminding Initiative established by the DCEDIY in 2019, aims to provide supports for Childminders and for people interested in becoming Childminders. It is administered in South Dublin, by South Dublin County Childcare Committee.

The range of supports available include:

  • Information and Advice on Setting-Up an Childminding Business
  • The Childminding Development Grant

The National Guidelines for Childminders are intended to provide guidance for good practice, to assist childminders.

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