Pobal Compliance

Pobal is contracted, on behalf of the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) , to conduct compliance visits with each participating childcare service that operates one or more of the National Childcare Programmes.

For the duration of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the compliance process has been temporarily revised.

The following approach will apply to compliance activity until further notice:

  • On-site compliance visits to services will be postponed temporarily (However, Pobal reserve the right to conduct an on-site visit at its discretion, but in keeping with public health guidelines).
  • Compliance desk-based checks will be undertaken.
  • Pobal will issue an email to the primary authorised user (PAU) as per the Hive.
  • The email will include an attached Compliance Requirements List (CRL). Click here to download sample CRL
  • The service will be requested to redact the names of any non- DCEDIY funded children from the attendance records being submitted.
  • The CRL contains a self-declaration that is required to be signed by the provider (PAU).
  • A timescale for submission of the information will be outlined in the initial email.
  • A follow up email will be issued to the service which will contain a secure link to a Pobal OneDrive folder to upload the attendance records and signed declaration to the folder.
  • The PAU will be contacted by phone to confirm that the emails have been received and to discuss the process and provide any required clarifications.
  • Once the deadline for submission of information expires the link will be closed

Pobal recommend that services keep an easily accessible Compliance file on–site, and they issue a Provider File Checklist to assist in the collation of relevant information for the visit.

The purpose of the Compliance Visit is to verify:

  • The children who have been registered with the DCEDIY under one of the childcare programmes are actually enrolled in and attending the service.
  • The service is implementing the correct Fee Payment Policy.
  • The Fee Payment Policy, Parent Letters (where applicable) and Calendars (where applicable) are displayed in the service and that a copy signed by the parent/guardian of each child is on file.
  • Records are maintained of optional extra charges, deposits, voluntary donations and/or fees for additional hours and are in accordance with the Fee Payment Policy of the service.
  • The service can show the qualifications of all staff working directly with children.

Compliance Guide for Service Providers

In November 2019 Pobal published Compliance Guide for Service Providers (Nov 2019) which provides further information on Compliance Visits, click on the cover below.

To Compliance and Beyond

To Compliance and Beyond is also a very useful resource produced by Dublin City Childcare Committee.  It is a guide for Early Years providers and practitioners to provide information that can support you in achieving compliance with general practice, regulations, health and safety, funding and employment legislation. Click on the cover below.

Pobal works on behalf of Government to support communities and local agencies toward achieving social inclusion and development.

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