Free Training for Early Years professionals re Speech Language and Communication from ICAN

As part of the EYSEND Partnership, I CAN, The Children’s communication charity in the UK are offering a series of free webinars and training for, managers and early years practitioners to enable excellent support for SLCN in early years settings. It is designed for UK participants however 95% of the content is applicable to Irish EY professionals.

The training is provided at two levels – core (introductory) and in-depth (advanced).  You or your staff may choose to start with the core training and move to the in-depth, or if you have had previous SLCN training, you could move straight to the in-depth training. Full details of how to access both levels of training are described below.

Core (Introductory) Training Webcasts: This training consists of two pre-recorded webcast modules that you can view at a time to suit you; on your own or in small groups. The webcasts last 90 minutes each and include opportunities to reflect and consider application to your own early years setting.  There is a participant pack to download for each module which you can find below.

They will introduce you to Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in the early years. They will help you take initial steps in exploring the impact of SLCN on young children and identify and support SLCN in your early years setting.

You can then book a follow-up live coaching webinar to help you implement what you have learnt.

Core (Introductory) Training Follow Up Webinar: After watching the two core training webcasts, you can attend a follow up coaching live webinar which will help you apply learning from modules 1 and 2.  You will also be provided with information on how to access your certificate. 

In-Depth (Advanced) Training Live Webinar: Once you have completed I CAN’s core (introductory) training, or if you have previous training in supporting SLCN in early years settings (or you are already more knowledgeable in supporting SLCN) you will be able to access our In-Depth Training: Ensuring Quality Support for SLCN in Early Years Settings. 

Next Steps? Your next step is to access the relevant training for you by clicking the links found within the tabs below. You can also find more information on the learning outcomes for each training under the relevant headings. For further information see:

Please find the Modules 1 & 2 participant packs below to get a sense of what is covered.

SLCN Module 1 Participant Pack

SLCN Module 2 Participant Pack

This is a fantastic opportunity and we would encourage you to share this training with your staff, particularly those who are new to the service or are supporting children with SCLN.

Thank you for your upload