DCEDIY – Updated Antigen Testing

UPDATED: Communication from DCEDIY on Antigen Testing

The DCEDIY sent an email with attachments for parents on Antigen Testing.  They have since updated that email and apologise for an error made in their communication.  Please disregard that email and attachments. This information we have here in our News Bulletin is the UPDATED version with attachments (see below links)

The below letter (updated) sets out the details of the antigen testing programme. It includes the following at the end of the letter (pages 4, 5, 6):

  • an email and letter for you to send to parents if there is a Covid case detected by a PCR test in their child’s pod,
  • an email to send to staff if there is a Covid case detected by a PCR test.

We also attach a letter to parents from the Department to inform them of the antigen testing scheme – please copy this to all parents in your service, by email or hard copy. It contains important information for them.

Updated Letter to Providers on Antigen Testing

Letter to Parents on Antigen Testing

DCEDIY Press Release

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